"Dream is a powerful motivation, the starting point of success!"

Driven by an unwavering passion and a lifelong dream of becoming a professional photographer, I continuously pursued my vision despite the obstacles that came my way. In 2020, while working full-time as a digital marketer for a small Canadian company, I embarked on my photography journey. With only weekends and nights at my disposal, I immersed myself in capturing and editing photos, finding immense joy in the process, oblivious to sleepless nights and stress.


However, this pursuit demanded a significant shift in my work-life balance, leaving little room for family, leisure, and entertainment. As time went on, I reached a crossroads and faced a crucial decision: either-or. After a year and a half of maintaining this demanding rhythm, I made the bold choice to leave my full-time job and devote myself entirely to my dream.


Embracing this newfound freedom, I delved into photography with unwavering passion, relishing the opportunity to express myself as a photographer and indulge in the creative process. In the early stages, I relied on my friends as models, building a portfolio that I could showcase to potential clients.


Using the power of word-of-mouth marketing, I quickly gained recognition. Satisfied customers eagerly shared their photos with friends and neighbours, effectively becoming brand advocates for my work.

Throughout my career, I have primarily focused on female and male portraits, model test shoots, as well as personal and commercial branding photography.


Behind every captivating photograph lies an extensive process. Central to my approach is ensuring that my clients feel at ease during the preparation phase and elated when they see the final results.


Together with me, you don't have to struggle with styling, location selection and posing guidance for your session. Because of my experience over the years, I try to remove all the little things from the process that can harm the result.


Drawing from my professional marketing and event organizing skills, combined with my photography expertise and artistic sensibilities, I strive to achieve the desired visual aesthetic. I am inspired by the beauty of my models, and I aim to envelop my clients in an atmosphere of genuine photographic enchantment.