What we offer:

Capture This: Lighting Class

Starts from CAD 250+HST

This class is great for photographers-beginners who want to learn the basics of working with artificial lighting and obtain confidence and practical skills controlling studio environment.

This class will be also useful for more advanced photographers who want to dive deep in work with artificial lighting and gain practical tips and tricks shared by me.


The class covers 1 hour of lecture on continuous and strobe lighting, explanation of hard and soft lighting, as well as lighting system. Additionally, I explain the difference of each modifier and their effects on photographs.


On the practical part of the class, I will explain in detail technical side of work in the studio, as well as show my way to work with model and my favourite lighting setups that can be used for versatile photoshoots.

Online experience, recorded video-class.

2 hours of learning: 1 hour of theoretical knowledge & 1 hour of practical experience.

Access to a class for 6 month.


Refunds cannot be issued for this purchase as it is a digital product.

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Capture This: Lighting Guide


Ideal for beginner photographers as well as more experienced ones seeking to enhance their understanding of lighting techniques 


This Lighting Guide offers 10 main + 3 bonus lighting setups covering a range of shooting scenarios including portraits, beauty, e-commerce, fashion editorial, and model tests, branding, maternity. The Guide includes lighting setups with one strobe, as well as with multiple strobes.


On 56 pages of the Guide, I have provided a detailed explanations of lighting positioning, camera settings, and strobe configurations. Additionally, the Guide offers lighting diagrams and behind-the-scenes shots showcasing the precise placement of lights, the model, and the photographer on set. You'll also find the final shots captured using the corresponding lighting setup.


Digital PDF-format guide with my favourite lighting setups.


Refunds cannot be issued for this purchase as it is a digital product.


In-Person Lighting Class


Theoretical lecture includes the following topics:

- Continuous and strobe lighting
- Hard and soft lighting

- Lighting system
- Different modifiers to use, their effects on photographs
- Other studio equipment and how to use it


Practical part of the class includes: 

- Work with individual and multiple strobes

- Work with basic lighting setups that create Soft (3 setups) and Hard light (2 setups)

In-person experience.

4 hours of learning: 1 hour of theoretical knowledge & 3 hours of practical experience in the studio with professional model.

Introductory Course: Photography Basics

CAD 1,650+HST

This course is great for photographers-beginners.

The course covers 5 theoretical topics: camera settings, shooting in JPEG and RAW formats, lenses and their usage, shooting with natural light and composition rules, photoshoot organization and work with model, post-production process and promoting as a photographer, as well as collaborating with other professionals and setting the right price to start.


You will also obtain hands-on knowledge through practical experience working  outdoor and indoor (in the photo-studio) with a professional model.


In-person experience.

Includes 5 topics on photography basics, 9 hours of lecture and practice outdoor and in the photo-studio, work with professional model.

The course is adaptable according to your schedule.


Lighting and Creative Portfolio Group Workshops

The price vary depending on the workshop.

We have introduced two types of photography workshops:

- Our in-person Artificial Lighting workshop is designed to teach you the fundamentals of lighting and provide hands-on group practice sessions to help you build a versatile portfolio for your promotional needs.

- our in-person creative workshops, where the focus is on expanding your portfolio with fresh, imaginative photographs while also networking with fellow photographers.


These group workshops typically include studio rental, a professional model, full styling including hair and makeup for the model, and meticulously designed sets to ensure a unique and memorable experience for all participants.


Please connect with Olga to get an up-to-date schedule on the group workshops.

In-person experience.

The number of hours vary depending on the workshop.

1-on-1 Consultation

Starts from CAD 150+HST per hour

1-on-1 consultations can cover a wide range of topics based on your interests: anything from organizing creative or client photoshoots, self-promotion, composition, to studio lighting techniques. Additionally, we can include practical sessions in the studio or outdoors with a model if required.


If you're unsure where to begin, you can send me a list of questions or topics you're interested in, and I'll tailor the consultation accordingly.


Alternatively, I can provide you with presentation slides from my photography basics course, allowing you to review and select specific topics (1 or 2) for discussion.


Consultation sessions typically last around 1-2 hours, with the option to add an additional hour for practical exercises if desired. Sessions can be conducted in person or via Zoom.


In-person and online experience.